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My Only Vote EP

by The Freaks Union

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'My Only Vote' EP - 7" limited edition clear vinyl split with Scottish band Swellbelly's released on Peter Bower Records.


released January 1, 2003



all rights reserved


The Freaks Union Hull, UK

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Track Name: My Only Vote
In no man's land, all is quiet
Go on son, do your country proud
Wish the guns weren't so loud
This was your fate right from your birth

(Do your country proud)
Government the biggest cheats
(One voice from the crowd)
Using you like a chess piece
(Do your country proud)
A world where life means nothing
You don't get my vote

Taking our money everyday
But you don't listen to what we say
I'm watching our world crumble away
I'm watching it crumble away

(Do your country proud)
Spending money on weaponry
You don't get my vote
My only vote is for world peace
End the poverty caused by greed
My only vote, our only hope
Track Name: Like A Punch In The Face
Another chase, time to erase
What is known as common sense now
What is here, sneaks and disappears
It's gone on far (too long now)

I knew that this was coming
But don't feel so wrong
So what's it gonna be?
(Will it destroy me?)
It's not nice and it's like a punch in the face

For pros and cons, it's so long
Seek and search, the tiniest thing now
A feel of fear, so sincere
How can I face my final frontier?
Track Name: Against All Odds
A mother would give all she could
A worker that would not give up
A friend who shows you the right way
An evil took freedom today

You stare and your broken frame is going nowhere
A life so full is now stripped bare
The happiness that you've given, the influence that you've become
But now you lose the fight you've always won

A lesson learned everyday
A family should never stray
A stream that connects us all
Against all odds and back for more